Skills in demand at TechMerx:

  • Linux (RedHat, Mint, Ubuntu) and Windows demonstration speech ideas for college students desktop support
  • Linux server wizardry (RedHat/CentOS, Debian)
  • Windows/Exchange server setup & maintenance
  • Solid knowledge of networking; i.e. you can create an IP scheme and informative essay outline example work a Cisco CLI
  • Virtualization technologies such as RedHat KVM/oVirt, VMware, Hyper-V
  • Basic Bash & Python scripting
  • Last, but most importantly, good personal image and sales talent

You may send a CV to at any time, in PDF format only, along with a couple of brief paragraphsA�to tell usA�why you’re awesome. A�However, don’t tell us you have skills you can’t prove — we will test you as part of the interview process. A�Lie, and you’ll just embarrass yourself. A�We don’t care where your degree is from, or if you even have one. A�Industry certs are nice, but not required either.

We care about what you can do, how you communicate both verbally and in writing, and how you present yourself. A�That’s it.