Back It Up!

One fine day, while cleaning up the files in my computer’s home directory, I accidentally deleted everything.

It’s not necessary to relate the whole story, or exactly how it happened that I instantly deleted all of my pictures, music, videos, work files — every. single. damn. thing. The how isn’t as important as the fact that it happened, and suddenly, I had that mixture of feeling like the world’s biggest idiot, along with the creeping sick feeling that came with realizing the magnitude of what I’d just done!

Suffice it to say, this is a very embarrassing thing for an IT pro to do! Fortunately, that qualification brings me the skills to recover said lost data, in a process that scrapes every bit from a hard drive. It took two days to recover my stuff — and it came without file names. In the end, it cost me a week’s work, maybe two, to recover from a simple mistake.

The reason for this story? Having backups of everything would have saved me a lot of work.

Need backups? Need a plan? Do you have off-site backup? What if your building burns down? Are you protected? Is it automatic?

If your backups aren’t remote, and aren’t automatic, you aren’t backed up. Tech Merx provides automatic backups, local and remote, for complete coverage, for one low monthly rate.

CYA ASAP before you get FUBAR’d!


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